TFT Patch 13.24 early notes: All buffs and nerfs for Set 10 Vegas Open

Over-performers from launch get nerfed.

Akali ready to put on a show and battle
Image via Riot Games

Setting up the Teamfight Tactics players competing at the Set 10 Vegas Open for success, TFT game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer dropped the Remix Rumble 13.24 full patch notes days before the live update through the Patch Rundown. 

Letting the meta breathe after the launch of TFT Set 10, the balance team decided to pass on a B-patch. The team also “wanted to give people as much information as possible early,” according to Mortdog, by dropping the 13.24 Patch notes early on Nov. 30. All balance changes for the upcoming 13.24 update are live on PBE and will drop into live servers on Dec. 6. 

Here are the full TFT Set 10 Patch 13.24 notes, per Riot

TFT Patch 13.24 trait changes

Samira holding a weapon hidden behind table
Set 10 Samira | Image via Riot Games

Several traits, like Country and Jazz, stood out from the other 29 heading into the Vegas Open. The Superfan trait was another but the team chose to nerf Guardians and Kennen instead, with plans to hit the Superfan trait after the Vegas Open if needed. Not all of the changes applied were nerfs, as traits like 8-bit and Bruiser were buffed. 

  • 8-bit: Attack damage per stack buffed from 3.5/6/10 to 4.5/7.5/12 percent
  • 8-bit: Grand Prize score adjusted from 456,789 to 345,678
  • Bruiser: Health increased from 20/40/80 to 20/45/85 percent
  • Country: Attack speed at breakpoint of three nerfed from 20 to 15 percent
  • Country: Omnivamp bonus at breakpoint of five nerfed from 20 to 15 percent
  • Crowd Diver: Base bonus damage adjusted to 5/30/60 percent
  • Executioner: Critical Strike Chance nerfed from 150/30/45 to 5/25/45 percent
  • Guardian: Shields nerfed from 30/50/70 to 25/40/60 percent
  • Jazz: Health per trait nerfed from 2/3/4 to 1.5/2/3 percent
  • Jazz: Damage per trait nerfed from 1/2/3 to 1/1.5/2 percent

TFT Patch 13.24 champion and Headliner changes

Kennen getting ready to zap an enemy
Set 10 Kennen | Image via Riot Games

Champion balance changes in Patch 13.24 targeted over and under-performing champions. Kennen was nerfed and Annie’s item from the Superfan trait was changed while Akali True Damage received some much-needed buffs. 

  • Kennen: Spell damage nerfed from 160/240/360 to 145/215/325
  • K’Sante: Mana buffed from 0/60 to 0/40 and spell attack damage increased to 800 percent
  • Annie: Item from Superfan changed from Spear of Shojin to Jeseled Gauntlet
  • Yasuo: Spell attack damage increased from 275 to 290 percent
  • Yone: Health increased to 800 and spell attack damage buffed from 200/200/205 to 210/210/215 percent
  • Akali True Damage: Attack speed increased to 0.9 and spell buffed from 250/250/500 to 275/275/550 percent attack damage. 
  • Caitlyn: Spell buffed from 375/375/750 to 390/390/800 percent attack damage
  • Ezreal: Attack speed increased to 0.85 and single spell buffed from 330/330/660 to 350/350/700 percent attack damage. 
  • Viego: Spell slam buffed from 150/150/300 to 200/200/400 percent attack damage. 
  • Zed: Clone attack damage buffed from 175/175/350 to 185/185/370 percent. 
  • Ahri: Three-star Ahri was fixed to properly fire two projectiles per cast, resulting in a spell damage nerf at three-star from 1,500 to 820 and an Empowered spell damage nerf at three-star from 2,400 to 1,400. 
  • Kayn: Attack speed increased to 0.95 and spell damage buffed from 380/575/4000 to 400/600/4000.
  • Ziggs: Mana nerfed from 30/70 to 30/75 and bombs per cast were reduced from two to one. 

Headliner bonus changes

Most of the Headliner balance changes in Patch 13.24 nerfed champions who have been overperforming the release of TFT Set 10. 

  • Kennen: Maximum health heal reduced from four to two percent
  • Bard: Doot damage nerfed from 95/140/215 to 85/125/190
  • Katarina: Health reduced to 150 and bounce damage nerfed from 45 to 25 percent
  • Miss Fortune: Attack damage reduced from 25 to 20 percent
  • Samira: Attack damage reduced from 15 to five percent
  • Sett: Health reduced from 250 to 150 
  • Zac: Health buffed from 150 to 200 and AP increased from 10 to 15
  • Ziggs: Mana reduction nerfed from 10 to five

TFT Patch 13.24 Augment changes

Bard playing the saxaphone
Set 10 Bard | Image via Riot Games

Only a handful of Set 10 Augments were adjusted, with That’s Jazz Baby likely being the most important nerf in Patch 13.24. 

Silver Set 10 Augments

  • Good for Something One: Bugfix changed the drop chance to 30 percent as intended
  • Reach the Summit: Now grants 10 gold and 50 XP
  • Young Wild & Free: Gold correctly drops now and the gold was lowered to two

Gold Set 10 Augments

  • Bigger Shot: A bugfix now prevents the Augment from producing more damage than intended
  • Live for Danger: Bonus damage changed from 30 to 40 percent
  • Ramping Rhythm: Starts Rapidfire champions at three stacks immediately now
  • Submit to the Pit: Stats were increased from three to five
  • That’s Jazz Baby: Health per stack reduced to 20 and attack speed per stack nerfed to two percent

Prismatic Set 10 Augments

  • Binary Airdrop: Now drops two gold instead of a component
  • Endless Hordes: Health reduction was increased from 15 to 20 percent
  • Going Long: Now grants eight gold immediately
  • Infernal Contract: Gold was increased from 75 to 90

TFT Patch 13.24 bug fixes

Amumu in front of grate and candles crying
Set 10 Amumu | Image via Riot Games
  • Illaoi will no longer revive two tentacles with her cast
  • Teaming Up One Augment now grants two three-cost units 
  • Akali will properly combine when a players bench is full
  • The Artifact pool was updated to include Gambler’s Blade and Diamond Hands
  • Qiyana will no longer give units invisible fourth items
  • The K/DA pattern will no longer change after triggering Last Stand
  • The Augment Little Buddies now works with True Damage Akali
  • Using an Item Remover on a champion without enough empty item bench slots will now bounce off rather than removing as many items as possible
  • The Augment Submit to the Pit only applies benefits to Mosher units now
  • Blinged Out will now grant full benefits for Thieve’s Gloves


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