Revamped Riot Games Arena to become new epicenter of EMEA esports competitions in 2024

Bid farewell to the LEC Studio and the VCT EMEA Coliseum.

LEC 2023 Kick-Off Event at the LEC Studio
Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

Later today, Nov. 28, Riot Games will announce the remodeling of its Berlin-based facility, formerly known as the LEC Studio. The new Riot Games Arena will become the epicenter of Riot’s esports operations in the EMEA region, housing all known competitions and other to-be-revealed events.

The remodeled facility will be the primary venue for Riot’s VALORANT Champions’ Tour EMEA and League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) titles. It will also host other Riot-owned events, such as VALORANT’s Ascension and Game Changers, League’s EMEA Masters, and Teamfight Tactics competitions—either for a remote audience or an in-person crowd.

Announcing the new Riot Games Arena in Berlin
Announcing the new Riot Games Arena in Berlin. Image via Riot Games

Among the wave of daunting system changes that swept the global League esport community—the downsizing of the LCS and the merging of the LJL with the PCS—Riot’s head of esports for EMEA, Alberto Guerrero, expressed the company’s “long-term” commitment to the region’s competitive ecosystem. Sharing a comment on the renovated workspace, he said this new “world-leading esports facility” will become the “beating heart” of all esports-related operations in the region.

The renovated workspace, now Riot Games Arena, boasts enhancements that promise an unparalleled experience for attending fans, and a significant upgrade to broadcasting and production capabilities. 

Its key asset is going to be the adaptability that allows transitions between different Riot IPs thanks to a combination of digital technology and physical infrastructure, giving the venue the capacity to host two esports events at the same time. Parallel event hosting is possible mainly thanks to the partnership with Riot’s remote broadcast center in Dublin, which will most likely be responsible for all remote events, while the crew in Berlin’s Arena will be in charge of on-site live events.

The new system of “innovative infrastructural design” in Berlin’s Riot Games Arena will include both an adaptable stage and desk studio with modular scenery, and designs for efficient changeover between brands and leagues. In particular, on-stage players’ desks could be configured to either face each other or face the crowd, catering specifically to VALORANT and League desks’ setups.

“At Riot, we’re hellbent on offering the best experience to players of our games and fans of our esports leagues,” Sarah Joynt Borger, head of media house for Riot EMEA said, underlining the fan-centric approach in the renovation of the Riot Games Arena in Berlin. 

For live audiences, the venue will feature amphitheater-style seating, new cinema seats, and a dedicated player tunnel, which will bring fans closer to the on-site action. Meanwhile, a reimagined stage and desk area will facilitate efficient changes in design and layout, catering to the specific Riot Games Esports IP showcased each day.

Fans at the LEC Studio 1v1 booth
Fans at the LEC Studio one-vs-one booth. Photo by Michal Konkol via Riot Games

The addition of two dedicated co-streaming booths in the Riot Games Arena emphasizes Riot’s recognition of the growing significance of co-streaming in the success of the EMEA esports ecosystem. This approach will enhance the content created by official co-streaming partners, which have flourished the past season, and offer fans a more engaging and personalized experience.

The beginning of the 2024 esport season for all of Riot’s titles in the EMEA region will open with the Riot Games Arena welcoming fans for the start of the LEC Winter Split in January. Further details about the renewed studio are expected to be unveiled at the beginning of next year. 


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