MTG Arena Chaos Draft tournament offers over $200 in rewards

Play Chaos Draft and win big.

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An upcoming Chaos Draft tournament within MTG Arena is combining traditional paper Magic: The Gathering rewards with digital play, awarding players with a Secret Lair Festival in a Box from MagicCon Vegas. 

Wizards of the Coast is finally expanding rewards through digital platforms like MTG Arena with a Festival in a Box Chaos Draft tournament. Events like Arena Opens in the past have allowed players to earn cash after two days of competition. But that was where physical and digital collaborations on the platform ended. Running from Dec. 8 to 10 is the Festival in a Box Chaos Draft event that will reward players with six wins and no more than two losses a physical Festival in a Box kit from MagicCon Vegas. 

Image of products in MTG Vegas Secret Lair Festival in a Box
Vegas Secret Lair Festival in a Box | Image via WotC

The Secret Lair Festival in a Box from MagicCon Vegas sold for $250 and is likely worth even more on the secondary market. Players can potentially score the festival kit through the MTG Arena Chaos Draft event, which has an entry fee of 5,000 gems, or around $35 to $50, depending on how many gems a player already has in their account. 

Here are the full contents of the Vegas MagicCon Secret Lair Festival in a Box, according to WotC.  

  • One Mystery Booster Convention Edition booster box: Contains 24 booster packs.
  • Dan Frazier Mox Box: Includes new art and Retro frames on Mox Tantalite, Mox Opal, and Sol Ring.
  • One Relentless Rats promo: Full art alt-art version of Relentless Rats illustrated by Graham Yarrington.
  • Chaos Draft grab bag: One DMU, three Modern Horizons 2, one Dominaria Remastered, one BRO, two SNC, four NEO, three WOE, four MOM, one ONE, two VOW, and two MID Draft booster packs.

The digital tournament will feature a best-of-one Sealed Chaos Draft in the Standard format. All players who participate in the event will get nine Standard booster packs, each from a different set, which will get added to a player’s collection. A player then crafts a 40-card deck from the nine packs to compete in the event. 

Players are allowed two losses before getting kicked out of the tournament. No rewards are offered for zero to three wins. Starting at four wins, players will earn 2,000 gems, and at five wins receive the full amount of the entry fee back in gems. Those who hit six wins and no more than two losses will win the Secret Lair Festival in a Box from MagicCon Vegas, with WotC shipping the product to your home.  Should WotC run out of Festival boxes to send as a reward, players will receive $250 in cash instead. 

Players can enter the MTG Arena Festival in a Box Chaos Draft starting at 8am CT on Dec. 8, with sign-ups ending at 8am CT on Dec. 10


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