Fortnite’s Peter Griffin skin recreates classic Family Guy joke when he dies

It has stood the test of time.

Peter Griffin in the doctors office with Meoscles in Fortnite
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Peter Griffin’s arrival into the Fortnite landscape has introduced one amazing Family Guy reference when a player donning the newly introduced attire is killed.

Once a Griffin is killed in the Fortnite wild, the player model will sit on the ground and hold its knee while seething with pain (h/t Discussing Film on X for first spotting this today). This iconic joke comes from a Season Two episode called “Wasted Talent” where Peter falls over on his way home, later becoming a meme passed around to this day.

Peter Griffin on the floor in Fortnite holding his knee
A classic moment, now in Fortnite. Image via DiscussingFilm

Players looking to get the Peter Griffin skin in Fortnite will also get a selection of extras once they’ve unlocked it. If you’re vying for the muscle-bound Family Guy skin, you’ll be pleased by the Brian Griffin backpack, as well as the Petercopter glider. These extras are available once you’ve forked out the 950 V-bucks required for the battle pass— all you have to do is reach level 70 to be Peter Griffin in your Fortnite matches

This massive collaboration comes alongside a slew of other Fortnite pairings over the past few months. Anime fans were thrilled with the Jujutsu Kaisen and Fortnite collaboration in early August, but that was only the beginning. Players now also have skins like Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, Michael Myers from Halloween, and Alan Wake from Alan Wake 2, all a part of Fortnite’s 2023 Halloween event. That was followed by Eminem, Solid Snake, and Peter Griffin, and rumblings of massive collaborations in the future.

As for what’s to come, players can look forward to the LEGO Fortnite game mode and the plethora of skins it presents. On Dec. 7, gamers are in store for the LEGO version of almost every Fortnite skin available throughout its lifespan. This means they’ll be able to almost double their entire skin inventory. 

With any luck, Epic will continue this trajectory into 2024, meaning we’ll have a boatload of collaborations to look forward to next year.


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